Cover Song Mixtapes #1

It’s been awhile since I posted Sunday’s playlist. I’ve been dying to make one, but today, let’s mix it a little. I really want to share some of my favorite cover song videos. Over the years, I often find new bands by seeing them covering famous songs. When the band founded by labels and release an original album, it becomes such a joy because I kind of see their awesomeness evolved through times. Cover songs tends to show off more about artist’s musical approach to another artist’s song. Too little improvisation made the cover looks dull. Make too many adjustments, then it flies off its original vibe. That’s why it’s always interesting. There is no rule, there is no right and wrong, there’s only good music.

Postmodern Jukebox – Sugar, We’re Going Down (Fall Out Boy)

Sugar, We’re Goin Down is hands down my most favorite Fall Out Boy’s song and Postmodern Jukebox is hands down one of my favorite channel for a cover song. Re-imagining pop songs by adding an old school vibe, they brings back the fun and the sultry of 1920’s – 1950’s music to the future. With big instruments and fresh arrangements, Postmodern Jukebox is successfully made a time machine.

Sara Bareilles – Single Ladies (Beyonce)

Back in the day, Billboard has this Mashup Monday segment where an artist cover another artist’s song. One of my favorite is when Sara Bareilles uses doo wop piano tunes with simple backing vocals, covering one of the most popular Beyonce’s song. I love Sara’s interpretation and her flawless calming voice.

Pentatonix – Video Killed The Radio Star (The Buggles)

Pentatonix is one of the winner of Sing Off competition, an acapella singing competition. I think Pentatonix is one of the most revolutionary group because their arrangements are impossible! It’s fun, it’s fresh, and when you imagined that all the sounds are made by mouth, it gets crazier :)) This song is actually one of the first video that getting me interested with the band and one of my most favorite video from them. You also should hear this Evolution of Music – Beyonce out, it’s brilliant.

All-American Rejects – Womanizer (Britney Spears)

No, it’s not a rock version of the song. All American Rejects performs one of the most interesting version of the songs, using acoustic instruments which includes an accordion (hell yeah!). I loooove this (both the cover and the original song :P)!

So, what’s your favorite cover song?

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Some bonus for you.

Twenty One Two – What Do You Mean? (Justin Bieber)

Ever since Bieber got back to the music scene, people have throw only positive feedback, which is weirdly good. Twenty One Two is a Swedish duo who covers Top 40 Songs into their own rock version with heavy guitar sound and fast paced drum rhythm, my favorite cover seems to be all the Taylor Swift’s cover songs :)) In this video however, they use water glass and a timer (what the?) to create an interesting sounds from Bieber’s new hit song. Enjoy!

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