Wanderlust #1 – Takara Gallery Workroom

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve visited Japan twice. The first one was in Autumn of 2012, I was travelling alone and that was the most amazing time of my life. The second was in Summer 2013, I went there with my sister. I wasn’t feel the same excitement like the first time I stepped on Japan, but there’s still something amazing about the country. I still want to visit it again and maybe for my ultimate train trip I’ve already planned for a long time ago.


One of the places that I want to visit is Takara Gallery Workroom. The first time I know about the place is when Fictive Fingers did a collaboration with them, which resulted a beautiful pattern inspired by water. The gallery lies in Gujo city in Gifu prefecture. Located in the middle of Honshu island, that’s definitely the area I haven’t visited before. Visitor can try hands on of screen printing (and you know how much I love screenprinting!), as well as buy some of their merchandise. Japanese pattern is interesting. I love how they combine both classic and quirky object. I’ll definitely checked Takara Gallery Workroom on my-place-to-visit list.

See the adorable video they made here.

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