A Little World

When I went freelance in 2004 it was hard to leave, because you left health insurance. You left 401K’s. But equally my horizon opened, to where I could take on little crusty things, and then take on things that were maybe for no money. But later on trick design into hiring me. So that leap for me was just sort of like, it just really freed me up.

Has freelance always been perfect? Not even close, you know. I’ve had guys stiff me. The client completely do like a big old 180, and you lose all the work you’ve done. But that’s what we’re up against. I’ve found that in my life, working for myself, working with my buddies, has been just more, like a reason to want to get up in the morning. I feel better about it. I feel excited. I feel engaged. I can dream. I turned 40, and your bones hurt, and your back hurts, and your feet hurt, and whatever the hell else.

It doesn’t matter, because I need to make some new little logo for something. I can’t wait to see how the sticker turned out, with the cool little kiss cut in the back, as much as the poster with six colors and flash printing and weird paper, and then how to ship them here. Every time I turn around, there’s something to deal with here. I love that little world I’ve sort of built for myself.

Aaron Draplin

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