Floating Colors

October went by so fast and we need to face the last week of October. I want this week to stay longer, but here we are, in the fast-moving world. Trying to survive.

So, I sum up a list of exciting things to check out below.

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I have been in love with the newest Kapadokya collection from Safomasi. I wrote about them before and still fascinated by how they translate travel experience into everyday objects. The color combinations in this collection are wonderful. The combination of bright pink, orange, and blue can be a little bit tacky, but the end result is surprisingly gorgeous. My favorite piece would be the Fairy Chimney series.

I ordered Naptime with Joey with huge excitement. My sisters and I are obsessed with Laura Izumikawa’s account on Instagram which features her daughter Joey. The simple humor caption that goes along with Joey’s in costumes while napping is too good to be missed.

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One of my favorite artist, Olimpia Zagnoli, teamed up with Innisfree to create a limited edition of My Palette cases. Zagnoli’s bright and bold color goes well with the customizable palette concept. If you’re not familiar with the feminine yet bold illustration from Zagnoli’s artwork, do yourself a favor and check her Instagram account. She also has a class in Skillshare which I really enjoy called Graphic Illustration: Boldly Design with Color and Shape.

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If you are in need of simple creative outlet but don’t have much time, Pom Maker is here for you. I got my Pom Maker right after it launched back in 2016 and still use it regularly when I’m in stress :P From the creator of Mr. Printables, Pom Maker giving you an easy option to make pom-pom anywhere! I love how versatile the tools is because unlike the others pom-pom maker tools who gives various tools to make various sizes of pom-pom, you only need one tool. Pom Maker can be used to create a small, medium, and large pom-pom by adjusting how we wrap the thread. They also share pom-pom tutorial regularly on their blog, including this Panda Pom-Pom tutorial.

So, here’s to another productive and cheerful week. May we get what we aim for this week. Have a wonderful day!

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