Prisanti Putri, 31.

Words and colors enthusiast.

Love to create.

Enjoying books and crying after reading Santiago’s journey in The Alchemist.

A loyal fan of punk rock/alternatives and 1970s – 1990s music (though it would be never considered as a music genre).

Enjoying any genre of movie, as well as TV series, and has been making several low-cost films (mostly as scriptwriter) and writing reviews at http://atcinema.uncletivo.com.

Currently dreaming and daydreaming.

Looking forward to creating the dream machine, a small theater, and a library.

Avid eater of monosodium glutamate.

Currently, an Engineer and surface pattern maker at Kawung Living, working full time to give back to the universe.

Cheers :)

prisanti.putri@gmail.comTwitter / Instagram