Like Us

The first image of the supermassive black hole is blur.
Made from scraps and bits of failure and experiments.
With a lot of help.
Come from the hands of flawed human beings.
It’s the product of love and curiosity.
The result of patiently looking for the unknown and the uncertainties.
The sky once feared for it can be dark and cold.
But somehow, it can also be warm and contains hope.

That’s exactly like us.

The image cannot be more beautiful than it is.

The Wishlist

I think, a lot of people listed ‘reading more books’ as one of their New Year’s goals. In my personal opinions, reading is always good. I often get overwhelmed by people who reads heavy materials as their common read and I also used to judge people by their books (who doesn’t?). But as I grow older, I thought someone who still gives a slot on their day for books is always the best kind of people. At least, they are trying to be one.

Though I don’t have the luxury of buying books randomly anymore, I do keep an update of the books I want to read. From graphic novels to essay collection, from design book to Japanese novel, here are the latest books that I add to my Wishlist lately.

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Helplessly Wander

It might be the umpteenth time you’ve read it but I will still write it: it’s been awhile since I wrote here. This time, it’s not because I’ve been busy or depressed. Fyi, I still think I write better when I’m sad. The truth is, I have a lot of things to tell and it made me somewhat overwhelmed. I don’t know what to write first. To put it simply, it’s complicated :))

I might pass December without any post here, but when the invoice of my hosting and domain came through the mail last week, I started reading the last thing I post.

And I, have blown away.

It’s still a wonder what did I think when I wrote this.

Then, here I am again, writing.

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Some Words in Paper

For the longest time, I want to write letters to others. It’s a dream comes true that I finally can do it with the power of social media :))

One time, my friend asked me how have I been? A simple gesture which maybe means nothing to her, but for me, means a lot at that time. I know the feeling of being asked at the right time can means that you still needed. There is someone who still wanting to know your whereabouts and asking you to tell your story.

A human connection. Even in this digital era, can do a lot of things. So awhile ago, inspired by my own writing and thoughts, I asked a simple question (with not so simple answers) to my friends on the internet.

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The Yellow Season

In October, I celebrate a lot of things. It’s a joyful month, which also marks the beginning of the holiday season. The busiest time of the year. I think it is the same in every field of work. It’s funny that we’re talking about the end of the year, but we’re not actually ready to face another end of the year. So, here’s a couple of things that I found at the beginning of October.

At the end of September, MailChimp announced their newest re-brand. I use MailChimp as my e-mail marketing provider at Kawung Living, so I’m quite familiar with their branding. They used a lot of colorful colors and always keep their iconic Freddie the Chimp in a good way. At first, I thought the 17 years old company doesn’t need a rebrand whatsoever. But after seeing what Collins did to the company website and element, I know what MailChimp sees in the future. The marketing provider is growing and now aims for small businesses and brands. Their latest campaign tells a statement: Growing Up Doesn’t Mean to Buttoning Up. That’s why they suddenly getting the Yellow color (which I totally love) and all the quirky illustrations. I love seeing weird designs in a tech company! See more of the rebrand here.

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