Apa arti manusia?
Nama? Identitas? Pendidikan? Jabatan? Warisan?
Napas. Pikiran. Harapan. Masa depan.
Mungkin kita harus kehilangan penghilatan, untuk benar-benar bisa melihat kemanusiaan.
Mungkin kita harus kehilangan ingatan, untuk benar-benar ingat bagaimana cara menjadi manusia.
Hari ini kita tidak kehilangan keduanya, tetapi kehilangan manusia.
Manusia-manusia yang masih ingin menjadi manusia.

The Home Office

Ever since I’ve started working from home, I’ve always wanted a personal desk and the so-called “home office”. I’ve seen many inspirations on the internet on how to make an affordable home office but I’ve never really managed to make it comes true. Like I wrote before, I’ve always worked from my bed or on the floor :)) Though I understand it’s considered not healthy, it’s still bearable because I don’t have any other option whatsoever.

But a girl can dream. I mean, who doesn’t want to have these kinds of office?

A clean and chic office of OhJoy!

A millennial pink paint of StudioDIY

A props shelves of Aww Sam

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Reaching Far

What is a dream to a 6 years old?
What is a dream to a 20 years old?
What is a dream to a 60 years old?

The mold and shapes can be the same, or completely different.
But the idea of reaching something far remains.
And you’re still the same dreamer you used to be.
It is the thought that makes it different.
When we are older, do the dream seems closer or farther than we thought?
Do we need to change it to follow our past consequences and our present circumstances?
Can we still call it a dream?

I can’t answer it for sure.

But maybe I will find the answers bit by bit while the time goes on.

PS: I cried while reading this piece about Bambang Hartono last month when Asian Games fever came. People made fun of him or made a joke that he doesn’t need it when the news about the prize bonus for the athlete broke to the media. I don’t blame anyone since he can still laugh at himself in the end. But the article tells a lot about things that people still want to pursue though it seems impossible at first. About a love that transcends towards years. About dreams still hold dearly although we don’t know how it would end.

PSS: Tirto.id continues to awe me by consistently produces good content. For the Asian Games, they asked some of the athletes to write on their Opinion Column, which somewhat similar to The Player’s Tribune. They also made a minute by minute news report in presidential candidate admission. Though the format is also somewhat similar to TIME. it’s a fresh approach of reporting that our news media currently lacks.

Menerima Hangat

Minggu lalu, saya kembali menghadiri acara ceritaperempuan.id yang diadakan di Jakarta dengan judul ‘Berbicara Jujur Mengenai Post Partum Depression’. Tema tentang depresi setelah melahirkan adalah suatu hal yang belum banyak dibicarakan di ruang publik. Banyak gerakan tentang kesetaraan gender, banyak kegiatan tentang hak-hak perempuan dalam dunia kerja, tapi justru kegelisahan setelah menyandang kata ‘ibu’ jarang diceritakan secara terang-terangan. Padahal, menjadi seorang ibu adalah hal yang paling dekat kaitannya dengan perempuan. Topik mengenai Post Partum Depression (PPD) dan tema mengenai motherhood secara keseluruhan merupakan hal yang ingin sekali saya pahami. Bukan karena saya sudah menikah dan mungkin akan menjadi ibu nantinya, tapi karena semuanya terasa asing bagi saya. Saya tidak lagi bisa merujuk kepada kata-kata ibu saya sendiri, karena mungkin, ibu masa kini lebih mempunyai banyak permasalahan dan tantangan yang harus dihadapinya.

Buat saya yang sudah pernah beberapa kali datang ke Sesi Berbagi ceritaperempuan.id, acara kali ini mungkin bisa dibilang acara yang paling besar yang diadakan di Jakarta. Bertempat di Twinhouse Cipete, acara ini merupakan hasil kerja sama dengan woop.id dan googaga, dua nama yang mungkin tidak asing lagi di kalangan ibu-ibu Jakarta. Acara ini dipandu oleh Puty yang sudah sering bercerita tentang kesehariannya sebagai ibu lewat ilustrasi buatannya.

Acara kali ini dimulai dengan pembacaan puisi dari Mba Kiky tentang keseharian menjadi Ibu. Cara Mba Kiky bertutur membuat saya masuk ke sebuah rumah dan mengintip sebuah ruang kecil yang begitu personal; tentang balok-balok kayu dan sebuah ciuman yang diberikan ketika sang buah hati terlelap. Pembuka yang sangat tepat untuk mengantarkan kita memulai pembicaraan pada pagi itu.

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Is it that time of the year again? I’ve started doing this thing to commemorate my upcoming birthday and I think I’m getting better each time :)) Last year, I managed to write 23 posts from the original plan of producing 30 posts under the tag #30postsfor30. An improvement from the 20 posts I wrote from #28postsfor28. So today, let’s start the countdown and write more things.

I realized I write less and less lately. I become sensitive to things and less sensitive to my own thoughts. I guess there’s a part of me who becomes too lazy to process feelings and it becomes harder to weave it into a thread of thoughts. I know I still have it in me, but it’s buried too deep I sometimes couldn’t summon it.

Usually, I wrote a lot of things at the beginning of the year, what I want to learn, what I want to achieve. But I didn’t write any this year. Maybe I’m just too tired of life, I didn’t have time to think about it as the year flies by. So I only have one wish and goal this year. I want to be honest with myself, with all my feelings. Here’s an attempt of doing so. Let’s welcome the first official post of #31postsfor31.

Hope you enjoy the ride :3