On Breakfast

At the hotel breakfast, I could see a lot kind of people. Families with no manners. Singles with no preferences. It’s interesting to see their choices of breakfast. Some of them have been staying for more than a night, some choose the same thing they got before. The other try the thing they didn’t get before.

Some have a complete course, with an appetizer and a dessert. Some just pile up their plates, don’t care of mixing up the savory with the sweets. Some take too much. Some take, just alright to satisfy their morning intake. Some asked for a scrambled egg, extra eggs on their meat or an additional hollandaise sauce.

Some of them accompanied their breakfast with the silent chat over their phones and the endless scroll to fix a boring plate. Some read the free newspaper, only to read the headers. Some, just enjoyed the morning, seeing each and everyone’s faces.

Excitedly imagining paragraphs, about breakfast.

The Crowd

With my tired eyes, I could see the sun rises.
Above the cloud, in the ocean of hope.
Returning to the familiar city,
greeting the face of strangers and longtime mates.
Lost in the sea of people.
Not sure where to sit and rest.
Don’t know how to act.

I hope to keep on hoping,
or have the courage to see one’s eyes.
I hope to keep on moving,
so I cloud see more sunrise above the cloud.

More to Life, More to You

It’s the New Year and I want to remember the way you look this morning.
With the gloomy sky background and the silent crowds.
The mixture of small giggles and the smile,
with extra dark jokes on top.
The humming of the latest Top 40
and the song as old as the tale.
Before everything fades and we’ve got into the rotating wheel once again.
Surviving, living.
But let me record this moment longer.
So the feeling would also lingers more.

Sincerely yours,

Titik Titik

Pusaran kegilaan ini bernama ________.
Di mana segalanya tidak pernah berhenti berlari.
Berlari, yang bukan hanya untuk untuk diri.
Tempat lahir dan mengubur mimpi.
Tempat patah hati dan memulai lagi.
Tentang semua yang tidak pasti dan konsistensi.
Tempat dimana keras bukan hanya soal hati.
Dan hangat bukan hanya tentang rasa.
Menimbang tujuan dan memupuk konsekuensi.
Hari ini, di sini.
Di pusaran kegilaan ini.