When We Were King

//April 18, 2009//

9 months ago. I remember the day clearly. The day when I was on the top of the world. Today, I want you to remember this day. Because this is when tears and sweats don’t matter anyway. This is time when we praise the time that we had. And what matters is just smile and laugh. That’s why I’m just loving this time. And I hope you do. Because ten years or twenty years from now, you’ll remember this day, as the day you were the king.


//April 09, 2009//

Fitnah memang lebih kejam dari pembunuhan.
Nggak bijak.

You said you’re tired of all the above, but you’re doing that everyday.
I just keep wondering why? I just don’t believe it comes from you. Or is it just too obvious but I keep deny it.
You don’t keep the words, and suddenly I’ve just lost my respect to you. Don’t try to be the nicest person on earth if you just do the grossest thing.
Being a public enemy? I just see why you had it.
I’m tired of you. I just let people to see the real you… or me. And maybe we’ll see. Who’s the real jerk after all.