Terkotakkan Kata

Di balik asap, kata ‘kami’ seakan mengubah arti.
‘Kami’ yang tidak ingin dianggap ‘kami’.
‘Kita’ yang tidak pantas dianggap ‘kita’.

Siapakah yang digambarkan sebagai ‘kami’ atau ‘kita’?
Siapakah yang dipanggil ‘mereka’?
Siapakah sang ‘saya’?

Di balik aspal, kata-kata hanya omong kosong.
Bising di sekitar.
Api di kerumunan.
Ketika manusia lupa menjadi manusia, hanya menjadi sekedar kumpulan kata.

Every Flower That Blooms for You

With long glittery nails, you wear your confidence casually.
Like breathing, like dancing in the rain.
Like every flower that blooms for you.

With that black dress that only fits you, you wear your past foolishness like no one else’s business.
Like the letter, you write to proof your stubbornness.
Like the yellow sun that shines only for you.

The song that you promised to sing, the passion that never failed to bring you to try again.
The word pretty never suited you.
Because you are more than that.

Never forget what you are, all the insults and the humiliation.
All the tears and all the sorrows.
Because you are born to defeat it all.
You were born to rise from the ashes of pain.
You were born to wear a crown.

Like Us

The first image of the supermassive black hole is blur.
Made from scraps and bits of failure and experiments.
With a lot of help.
Come from the hands of flawed human beings.
It’s the product of love and curiosity.
The result of patiently looking for the unknown and the uncertainties.
The sky once feared for it can be dark and cold.
But somehow, it can also be warm and contains hope.

That’s exactly like us.

The image cannot be more beautiful than it is.

The Wishlist

I think, a lot of people listed ‘reading more books’ as one of their New Year’s goals. In my personal opinions, reading is always good. I often get overwhelmed by people who reads heavy materials as their common read and I also used to judge people by their books (who doesn’t?). But as I grow older, I thought someone who still gives a slot on their day for books is always the best kind of people. At least, they are trying to be one.

Though I don’t have the luxury of buying books randomly anymore, I do keep an update of the books I want to read. From graphic novels to essay collection, from design book to Japanese novel, here are the latest books that I add to my Wishlist lately.

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