A Shower of Colors

It’s the half end of January already and what would be more fitting than a recap of beautiful shots of color? One of the most interesting things about Korean music video is how craftily (and carefully) it is made. Sometimes, you can totally ignore the music and still amazed at the music videos. From the proportion to the props, from camera works to colors, here’s a list of Korean music video that is totally my style. Colorful background, matching outfits, and of course, confetti.

Mamamoo’s music is always interesting. The four-member girl group has a very distinct musicality and strong voices that is energizing. Having been famous for using different adlibs, watching Mamamoo’s live performance is always a joy. You never know what will come next and they seem to enjoy themselves on the stage.  This 2017 hit song titled Yes I Am speaks about confidence and how they love their own imperfections. The music video shows glorious color block background with the heavy use of shadow.

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The Color of Each Worlds – 500 Days of Summer in Colors

One of the reasons I fell in love with movie making (or movie in general) is the fact that it could be something completely complex or straightly simple. The golden rule of movie plot that goes someone-wants-something-and-get-into-other-things-in-between is often dolled up by many forms of storytelling. The storytelling could involve a lot of things, from dialogue to how the scenes are shot, from the wardrobe to how the scenes are cut. And sometimes, Colors.

In one of the most tragic rom-com movie of all time, 500 Days of Summer is not only trying to captivate our heart and ears (the soundtrack are all amazing!), but it also tries to please our eyes with colors. The foreshadowing of the story is brilliantly told by heavy used of colors.

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Sentimental Colors

Last week, I wrote how much I’m inspired by a music video from Korean girl group Red Velvet. One of the reasons why I love it is how much detail the props are. All elements are carefully put to create a kind of dreamy environment.

Recently, there’s also another music video from Korean boy group called WINNER that inspired me. For me personally, it’s hard to like a boy band especially Korean boy band. Because the beauty standard is different there :)) (it’s also hard to like someone with heavy eyeliner and earring, dancing to a so-so music). But since they produce their own music (which is rare in Korean music industry) and their music genre is ranging from blues to rock pop and hip hop to ballad, I found them really interesting to listen to. Their latest mini album called EXIT: E consists of variety music that quite distinct them from the rest of Korean boy band.

The title track called Baby Baby is a jazzy blues that open with a crisp falsetto. The song asks for help and a sense of longing, requesting a chance not to be alone before finding solace in an instant euphoria. The other title track called Sentimental is a relaxed pop-rock which told the sudden sentimental feeling and loneliness. It sounds light and drunk at some point.

But there is nothing more interesting than how the music video for Sentimental is made. I cannot stop to be amazed on how smart it is to make the camera shot from the top. I love how all the rooms are made with so many details and props. And once again, all hail for THE GLORIOUS COLORS.

Here are the color palettes I pulled out from the music video.

Have a nice week!

Pastel Craze

A few years back, my friend Sella wrote a blog post on how she won’t be ashamed anymore to admit that she loves K-Pop music. I thought that’s not even shameful from the start. Everyone deserves what she/he loves and it’s not anybody’s business to tell you what to love and what is not. I always believe that good music is good music, no matter what genre it is, no matter in what language it speaks.

A few weeks ago, I also find this article that points out about the design of some of K-Pop Music Video and how carefully it’s crafted. In regards to K-Pop music and my current addiction of Pastel Colors, here’s what inspired me lately.

Red Velvet is the latest girl group from SM Entertainment, one of the largest Korea Entertainment Company which said to be the pioneer of Korean Wave. Having successfully debuted groups like Super Junior and Girl’s Generation, Red Velvet is their newest experiment in Korea music industry. The name Red Velvet comes from the group’s concept image which has nothing to do with Red Velvet Cake :)) According to Wikipedia, ‘Red’ signifies their vivid and bold image, whereas ‘Velvet’ reflects their classy and toned-down side. I don’t understand why this concept should exist but the group has achieved success by sweeping music chart here and there. That can only mean one thing, it works. People do accept this kind of thing, something has been right for them.

The fivesome has been around Korea music industry since 2014 and one of the thing that I love is their heavy use of colors to identify each member personality. In their debut song called Happiness, each member dyed their hair tip using the color that represents them. Though I really like the song Ice Cream Cake and has been writing it before, their latest song called Russian Roulette really catches my eyes lately. It’s upbeat tunes and catchy chorus are hard to ignore, but I badly fall in love with their music video. I can help playing Replay button all over again.

The wide shot, the composition, the complex props, the simple graphics, and THE GLORIOUS COLORS.

Even if you’re not a fan of K-Pop, this music video is too good to be missed.

I pulled out my favorite colors from the music video and made these color schemes.

Have a nice day, color lovers :3

Coloring Rhythmics

In the mood to make collages and color schemes. Hoping to make something out of it later.

You know, I love gymnastic routine. It is one of those things that I randomly like to watch on ESPN (along with cheerleading championship).

Especially rhythmic gymnastic ♥

And aside from that, ballet routine is slightly the same thing, but with softer vibes.

I would love to try using this pastel scheme someday. What have been inspired you lately?